Healthy Eating Meal Plan

Eating healthy yummy food really doesn't have to be rocket science. Here are some Healthy Eating Meal Plan tips to get you cracking!


Porridge (made with oats or rice flakes)– with ground seeds or cut up prunes, apricots, craisins (dried cranberries) saltanas etc.

Natural muesli

Natural yoghurt with tinned/fresh fruit

Bircher muesli

Banana smoothie

Toast with peanut butter or another nut butter

Scrambled/poached eggs on toast


Rice cakes with avocado, tuna

Salad sandwich

Egg and alfalfa sprout sandwich

Omlette with tomato, mushrooms and cheese

Mushrooms sautéed with tahini (sesame seed spread) on toast

Poached egg on toast

Smoked salmon, creem cheese and cucumber sandwich

Wholemeal pita bread stuffed with tuna, lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Peanut butter and cucumber sandwich

Ham (off the bone) and coleslaw sandwich

Tomato, capsicum, onion & bean salad


Vegetable curry with basmati or brown rice

Stirfry vegetables and chicken/tofu etc

Fresh salmon with salad or veges – eg sweet potato mash

Noodles and veges

Mushroom risotto

Tinned tuna with noodles

Homemade burger – chicken thigh fillet and salad, homemade lean lamb burger and salad etc.

Quick and easy Tomato and lentil or carrot and lentil soup

Healthy Tuna bake

Sweet potato and vege bake

Vegetarian lasagne

Fish curry

Pita pizzas

Stuffed peppers (capsicum)

Vegetable or chicken/vegetable soup

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