Ageing Gracefully with Exercise

The two most common health ailments that may affect you as you age are heart disease and osteoporosis. Ageing gracefully with exercise is essential for you on both fronts. Exercise helps reduce the risk of obesity (a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease), reduces blood pressure, increases the ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the ‘bad’ stuff (LDL).

Weight bearing physical activity also increases bone density which has been shown to prevent osteoporosis and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Activity ideas include:

strength training, lifting weights (or cans of tomato soup!), water aerobics, ‘doing’ the stairs, walking, swimming, tennis, bushwalking, tai chi, yoga, pilates, bike-riding, gardening

This list is really only limited by your imagination!

Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Regularly exercising (ie at least three times per week) has also been shown to decrease the risk of developing dementia by 32%. And anyone has had a grandparent or parent who has suffered from dementia will appreciate that anything we can encourage to prevent this horrible illness is definitely good.

Don’t be afraid to exercise

Some older people are afraid to exercise in case they hurt themselves. Research from the National Institute of Health however paints a different story. They conclude that:

• Exercise is safe for people of all age groups, and

• Older adults hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising.

And It's Never Too Late!

Even if you have had an inactive lifestyle, there is good news. It's never too late to improve your health.

Research suggests that exercise and physical activity can help you maintain or partly restore your strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

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