About Me

My name is Anna and I am a Naturopath, a Registered Nurse & a Registered Midwife. I live in the beautiful Tamar Valley in northern Tasmania, Australia with my husband, my beautiful Golden Retriever (who is more white than golden really), Charli and Polly the one-eyed persian cat.

I have had a long-term interest in nutrition and during my Naturopathic consultations a lot of time was spent looking at my client’s diets. I would then email out a page or two of specific Naturopathic advice for the client and much of this was about nutrition also. I noticed I would repeat the information again and again to different people with differing complaints.

I found that a lot of healthy eating information is applicable ‘across the board’ to all kinds of people – from those with differing ailments right through to those who want to improve their already pretty good health.

Additionally I decided to start this website after chatting to a friend about infertility and how important zinc is. We discussed how making up a little container of nuts and seed would help immensely – as pumpkin seeds are great to improve zinc levels, and nuts and other seeds are high in protein, nutrients, ‘good’ fats etc. She was quite surprised and interested by how seemingly simple it might be to improve her levels of this vital fertility nutrient and not necessarily take a supplement.

I have recently undertaken a new career pathway entering the world of maternity care, so watch this space for information regarding healthy eating guidelines throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy surfing Healthy Eating Guidelines, and please Contact Me with any suggestions etc. Please note that I cannot give specific advice and you should seek out a Naturopath (try Natural Therapy Pages ) if you would like advice specifically for you.

Have Fun & Be Healthy!


RN, RM, ND, Grad Dip Nsg, Grad Dip Mid