Simple Healthy Eating Guidelines
to Help you be Healthy!

Welcome to Healthy Eating

Do you want to feel healthy?

Eat balanced meals that you know are nutritious and good for you?

Find out about some of these so-called 'super foods'?

Explore some of the weird and wonderful food myths?

Find out easy ways to substitute the 'bad stuff'?

Work out the very best way to lose weight?

Well you've come to the right place!

I get asked these kinds of questions all the time and I honestly believe it doesn't have to be that hard to eat healthily.

It constantly surprises me as to how many people want to do the ‘right thing' and 'eat healthy foods' but lack access to healthy eating facts and simple, easy to read information...

Hence the reason I developed these Healthy Eating Guidelines!

I am very excited to offer you information on the various diets out there, a healthy eating guide and a healthy eating nutrition quiz - to really test you!

I outline the 'new' healthy eating pyramid, with its emphasis on vegetables, legumes & wholegrains and provide you with healthy eating tips - including my 'Quick 10 Tips to Easy Healthy Eating'.

It really is not that difficult to make the choice to eat nutritious foods for optimal health. I think some people make the mistake of concentrating on what they are not ‘allowed’ to eat, so they feel like they are missing out on all the yummy stuff. This simply does not have to be the case.

The benefits of eating healthily are many and I personally get a bit of a kick out of eating foods that I know are nourishing me. They seem to taste even better - and I always feel better afterward.

I have links to gorgeous healthy recipes (including ones for weight loss should that be your goal!), talk about some common food myths and offer alternatives to commonly used but unhealthy foods. I also offer some healthy eating advice for kids and fussy eaters.

I am not an extremist. I, as much as anyone, love my chocolate and couldn't do without some ‘junk' food occasionally. I feel though, that if you eat 'good' stuff 8 times out of 10 (the '80-20' rule), don't stress when you eat the 'not-so-good' stuff! Enjoy it.

Check out the whole website - or just whatever information you require, and please bookmark me. I am constantly on the go adding additional and updated information to my Healthy Eating Guidelines website

Cheers to Healthy Eating!

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